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Mutual Funds Cut Uber Valuation by as Much as 15%

[vc_row][vc_column][tm_heading tag=”h5″ custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”600″ text=”The Wall Street Journal reported that Vanguard, Principal, and Hartford Funds cut the value of their shares by 15% as of June 30. T. Rowe Price loweciorapi compresivi pana la coapsa
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A negotiation of what is a simple sale of existing shares (as in the terms are already set) does not take months to negotiate. The longer talks like this go on, the less likely anything is to get done in the absence of a big development.”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][tm_spacer size=”xs:30;lg:52″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”Yet other outlets that picked up on the story that Bloomberg broke on July 25 took up Uber’s spin, with no evidence of any input from SoftBank to justify the pro-Uber hype. The Journal’s account, following close on the heels of the Bloomberg story, and based on only US sources, was headlined SoftBank Seeks Multibillion-Dollar Stake in Uber.”][tm_spacer size=”xs:30;lg:68″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner offset=”vc_col-md-6″][tm_heading tag=”h5″ custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”600″ text=”Demonstrate the differences” line_height=”1.4″][tm_spacer size=”lg:23″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”On August 7, the Journal headline was, “SoftBank Chief Says He Wants Stake in Uber or Lyft.” And what did CEO Masayoshi Son say at a press conference? ““We are interested in discussing with Uber. We are also interested in discussing with Lyft.” That is not the normal Japanese locution for negotiations that are underway. That is basically saying SoftBank was prepared to receive an approach.”][tm_spacer size=”sm:30;lg:68″][tm_heading tag=”h5″ custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”600″ text=”Offer a money-back guarantee” line_height=”1.4″][tm_spacer size=”lg:23″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”Moreover, Son said his interest is self-driving car technology. If he or his due-diligence team were to take a hard look, they would presumably figure out that Google is suing Uber for stealing its key self-driving car technology, and without that, Uber doesn’t have much of value here.”][tm_spacer size=”sm:30;lg:68″][tm_heading tag=”h5″ custom_google_font=”” font_weight=”600″ text=”Test your offer and price, and be creative.” line_height=”1.4″][tm_spacer size=”lg:23″][tm_heading tag=”div” custom_google_font=”” text=”Since then, the reports from the Uber side as to where SoftBank stands have kept shifting, to the degree that it looks like Benchmark and its allies can’t keep their story straight. On August 14, the New York Times reported that Uber was taking the “next step” to “move forward” with a supposed proposal from SoftBank to invest in Uber. “][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner offset=”vc_col-md-6″][tm_spacer size=”sm:40″][tm_image full_wide=”1″ image=”876”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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