AIRE CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (L) LTD or AireCap, is a unique establishment of a convergence of experience and specialization from a team having diverse but skilled proficiency in the fields of fund management and, information and digital technology. This ample, collective and complementary collaboration propels AireCap to continuously offer state-of-the-art investment management solutions.



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At AireCap, bespoke fund management solutions are offered to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private companies, corporations and institutions with asset allocation in global assets. Through private mandates and focusing on shariah-compliant and ethical investing, unique solutions are customised to provide oversight of clients’ capital.

AireCap’s propositions takes a disciplined and comprehensive approach in ensuring creativity, innovation, and superior investment management for clients to ensure the portfolio continues to align with clients’ goals, risks tolerance and financial priorities.

Powered by our cutting-edge investment management system, AireCap’s solutions are designed to maximise returns and outperform the broad market, whilst placing core importance on stringent risk and prudent portfolio management. Its efficient filtering, complex alerts and automated execution supports the professional trading of AireCap’s Fund Managers, enabling them to optimise clients’ portfolio by trading the global markets.

Airecap places utmost importance on client engagement to ensure provision of sound services.

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developing fund management and investment management systems


The ever-growing world of global information dissemination, allows tools and data for investing in the stock market to be available to anyone who is enthusiastic on innovations and has internet connectivity.

Capitalising on this opportunity, AireCap extends its leading-edge investment management system in the form of a stock screening and scanning application.

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